Answer your Coaching FAQ’S

Frequently Asked Coaching Questions

Business coachingFor years, star entertainers and athletes have had coaching. Why? It’s simple. Coaching has them perform and be at their best, maximizing their potential and satisfaction.

Today, coaching is available to all of us. The arena Tony coaches in is business – ranging from enhancing personal or team performance, leadership growth and development, and assisting the Executive with a variety of issues he/she faces. Business coaching occurs as a series of dialogues that helps clients create new possibilities and goals, and reach them.

In the business coaching process, clients become more self-aware – both of themselves and their impact on others – identifying both what they contribute and personal boundaries and limits. Coaches challenge their clients to push beyond these limits and boundaries. In short, coaches provide their clients with support and structure to envision positive futures, better solve problems, identify and set business goals, and to enhance their own and their teams’ performances.

Tony, you helped me to find my way, my leadership style, my vision, my faith in myself and my team and I wanted to thank you again. Seems as well it worked out for my boss, who shared she doesn’t want me to leave for this promotion opportunity!
Verena, Sr. Director, Pharmaceutical

It’s simple.  An ideal client simply wants to get better.  They value learning and applying that learning to enhance their leadership and their impact and influence in the companies they serve.

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