Corporate Training – A Coach of a Different Kind

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Corporate Training – A Coach of a Different Kind Atlanta Gazette, Reprinted November, 2017 Meet Tony Klingmeyer, Executive Coach, one of a growing legion of new professional counselors and corporate training coaches that serve a variety of needs for both individuals and companies. (A typical day for Tony?) It’s 7:00 p.m. on a Thursday night at the Resource Forum in … Read More

What an Executive Coach Can Do For You?

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What a Master Certified Coach Can Do For You? Do you need an executive coach? Do your managers?  Here is a useful framework for thinking about the role of a Master Certified Coach and coaching, from Harvard Management Update. June 13, 2005 by Paul Michelman, Editor, Harvard Management Update Is executive coaching at U.S. companies destined to play a role occupied … Read More

Corporate Coaching – What is Success Right out of the Gates?

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What is Success Right out of the Gates? Helping Newly Hired and Promoted Executives Succeed.  Corporate Coaching Holds the Key to Success. by Tony Klingmeyer Problem ”Four out of ten newly promoted managers and executives fail within the first 18 months, according to research by Manchester, Inc., a PA based leadership development firm.” Failing includes being terminated for performance, performing … Read More

Different Facets of Executive Coaching

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Different Facets of Executive Coaching By Liz Thach and Tom Heinselman, edited by Tony Klingmeyer MCC Executive coaching is on the rise. Here are the types of coaching approaches and how to conduct them. Twenty years ago, the only time an organization would hire an executive coach was to remediate or ‘fix’ an under-performing executive. Now, it’s common to provide … Read More

Career Coaching – Maximizing Leadership Gifts for the Long Term

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Career Coaching: Maximizing Leadership Gifts for the Long Term by Ken Kesslin  ( The best career coaching doesn’t produce just short-term results – it helps clients develop the skills necessary for the long-term transformation that will allow them to continue their growth as leaders long after the coaching relationship ends. Sophisticated behavior change that is sustainable and dependable under stress … Read More

Developing Exceptional Global Leaders

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Developing Exceptional Global Leaders My Coach and I By Des Dearlove and Stuart Crainer Health, wellness, and wisdom are all fair game in the executive suite. Just a few years ago, news that a CEO or senior executive was using a coach would have raised eyebrows in the boardroom. Now it is the height of corporate fashion to assign an … Read More

A Case for Business Coaching in Organizations

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Business Coach Case:  Value of Coaching to Corporations Finding Solid Value in Building “Leadership” Skills By Patricia Bowen While participating in virtual classes toward my corporate coaching certification, I was nearly booed off the phone one morning for bringing up the subject of cost justification in building corporate coaching programs.  Other coaches in the class thought I was being mercenary … Read More