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Tony KlingmeyerExecutive Coaching and Consulting for
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What does it mean to be both effective and satisfied in your profession?

(adj) a : producing a decided, decisive, or desired effect or result b : IMPRESSIVE, STRIKING : ready for service or action

(n) a : the quality or state of being satisfied: CONTENTMENT b : A source or means of enjoyment: GRATIFICATION

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"Watch this video below to learn about coaching from those who have actually received and benefited from it…"

Having coached hundreds of managers, executives, business owners, and their teams, Tony recognizes a common thread among those who excel in their work. They are both effective AND satisfied. There is a significant relationship between both ‘states’. If one is ineffective in terms of his/her leadership, personal productivity, confidence, capacity to influence, or to accomplish the task(s) or project(s) at hand, then in almost all cases he or she is highly dissatisfied. And the reverse is true. If one is effective with his/her leadership, personal productivity, confidence, capacity to influence, or to accomplish the task(s) or project(s) at hand, then in almost all cases he or she is highly satisfied!

There is no greater satisfaction or joy than experiencing -- either personally or collectively with your team -- working at your highest potential and being the most effective you can possibly be.

Effectiveness + Satisfaction = SUCCESS

If you are an athlete seeking to fully reach your potential, you will have world- class coaching. If today you are a manager or executive seeking to fully reach your potential, you will have world-class coaching. Whether you lead or manage in your own business or inside of a corporation, Tony Klingmeyer works with you and your team to succeed through individual & team coaching and facilitation.

There are generally three problem areas for leaders and managers:

Lack of clear agreements - or alignment about objectives and timelines, specific deliverables and the necessary resources - with both those they work for and direct.

Lack of effective relationships with key stakeholders. Leadership is mastery in relationships. Relationship requires mastery in communication. The essence of communication is intention.

Lack of personal productivity - A common mantra today is that there are not “enough hours in the day” to accomplish what must be accomplished. Enhancing personal productivity is critical to being successful.

If you are not batting 1.000 in these or other areas critical to your success, you have come to the right place. Regardless of whether you are newly hired or a seasoned veteran, Tony is an expert at helping and coaching executives become successful.

Tony can help you with strategies, perspectives and models to help you be more effective and satisfied. Coaching and consulting can help with:

• Enhanced Performance, Productivity, Decision Making, & Confidence
• Better Support & Focus for the Executive or Manager’s Agenda
• Enhanced Awareness (self & environment)
• Enhanced Sense of Well-being/Reduced Anxiety, Stress, and Pressure
• More Effectiveness in Working Relationships
• Reduced Isolation
• Clarity of Roles & Goals
• Effective & Empowered in Face of Change
• Professional Growth & Learning
• Accountability
• Greater On the Job Satisfaction and Fulfillment

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1.
Read an article or two from our list that applies to you: If you are a newly hired manager or executive, then “What is Success?” may be most relevant to you. If you are a veteran with your business, then “Executive Coaching, Maximizing Leadership’s Gifts” is the article to read. This information is designed to help you understand which service best fits your needs. Whether you have employees that report to you or you are a solopreneur, Tony can help you focus, create and implement a realistic and powerful plan for success.

Step 2.
Take one of the customized self-tests to determine your current effectiveness.

Step 3.
Call or email us to set up your complimentary initial consultation.

What Else Can I Find On This Site?
In addition to information on coaching and consulting services, there are a variety of
free articles and free self-tests to help you on your personal and professional development journey.

You can phone Tony at 678-653-9523 or contact him by email
1003 Oakdale Drive
Smyrna, GA 30080


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